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Cottage Industry Development

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The 21st Century Movement Toward

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Small Scale Production


Cottage Industry is not a new concept. This was the way of life before the Industrial Revolution. Most all business was Home Based, there were no factories as we know them today. Work moved from the home to the industrial complex displacing the role of the Master Craftsman in the community.

As part of the movement towards simpler living many people are reaching back in time for the quality of life, autonomy, and security that was the way of life of our ancestors.

Shoemaking is an Ancient Art & Craft by which many people have earned their livelihood in all parts of the World. Today more than ever it is important to keep those skills alive and to pass them on to future generations.

There is a new interest in small scale living and the concept of being part of a Cottage Industry is very appealing to many people.

ShoeSchool can provide the Education, Training and Resources required to support the foundation of a Cottage Industry, Home Based Business producing Hand Crafted Footwear.


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Cottage Industry Development


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